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The MMSC is grateful to the following sponsors for their generous support of the our mission throughout the years:

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

Since its inception in 1876, Hagyard has been at the forefront of equine medicine, built on a continued effort to increase veterinary medicine, built on a a continued effort to increase veterinary knowledge and to improve treatments and surgeries offered to its diverse equine clientele. The talent of Hagyard's veterinarians and the dedication of its staff provide a level of care unequaled anywhere in the industry.


Brook Ledge Inc.

Brook Ledge Horse Transportation is a company committed to providing the most outstanding service possible in horse transportation. Each horse, whether companion or champion, is treated with the highest care and attention. Their staff is mostly horsemen and women, operating the best equipment in the industry, constantly undergoing maintenance to ensure reliability and safety. Brook Ledge has achieve the Department of Transportation's highest ranking, and the MMSC is grateful for their service in transporting our horses.

Excel Equine

Excel Equine was founded in 2014 by two long-time Bluegrass feed producers and animal nutrition experts, both of whom are Ph.Ds. The owners, Kent Thompson and David Williams, have worked decades to develop feeds that meet the needs of various equine breeds and of horses at different stages in their lives. 

Excel Equine is one of the few feed manufacturers in the United States that serves the equine industry exclusively. They make premium feed blends only for horses, and to ensure their safety, the feed mill in Louisville, KY is free of all medications.Excel Equine is passionate about science and horses, and because of the company’s dedication to research and development, the line of Excel Equine premium feed blends continues to grow.

BET Labs

BET Labs has been providing veterinarians with endocrine diagnostic services since 1984 in the USA. They are the makers of Equibloom, a highly stable, flavored OMEGA-3 fatty acid supplement for horses. It improves hair coat, body condition, and expression of estrous behavior. OMEGA-3 fatty acids have been demonstrated to be anti-inflammatory and to increase pregnancy rates and sperm production.  Additionally, vitamin A, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc are included in EQUI–BLOOM to replace any deficiencies in the diet. Deficiencies in these compounds have been shown to have a negative impact on reproductive performance.


EspanaSilk is an extensive, all-natural line of grooming products that its founder Trudy Midas developed to be environmentally superior to other products. Using SILK as part of your grooming routine promotes healthy hair & skin for people/animals and silky coats, manes and tails while also providing protective and healing properties. Espana SILK™ products are made with the finest and safest ingredients available and have been formulated to hydrate and reduce static to bring out the natural luster of your hair and your pets manes, tails and coats.

Air-Ess Equine

AirESS Equine is an American company created by accomplished horsewoman and international horse trainer Jacqueline Nadler. Products consist of jumping obstacles made for equines that are constructed out the most durable material available in the market. Durable and easy to use, these inflatable jump fillers offer fast set-up and take-down for any course. Remarkably portable and lightweight, they inflate and deflate in 15-90 seconds, and can be packed up in less than a tenth of the inflated size. An option of adding water provides further stability when desired. With over two years of factory and field testing, these products that been proven to withstand extreme weather conditions making them ideal for outdoor and indoor use. With a design for an assortment of disciplines, these fillers are the perfect choice for both novice and experienced riders.


Developed by science and backed by top trainers and world-class riders, RevitaVet is an industry leader of equine preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices. The mission of RevitaVet is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines about the benefits of infrared therapy, including healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of equine athletes, enhancing peak performance condition, and preventing veterinary ailments before they arise.


Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. Building on 60 years of experience, Zoetis delivers quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products, genetic tests, biodevices and a range of services. Zoetis is working every day to better understand and address the real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for animals in ways they find truly relevant.

Black Country Saddles

Like the MMSC, which takes a “horse-centric” individualized approach to rehabilitating, reschooling, and rehoming each of its charges, Black Country Saddles takes a custom approach to the creation of each of its saddles, all of which can be specially fitted for horse and rider. Shunning mass production techniques, Master Saddlers and founders of Black Country Saddles Rob Cullen and John Hartley insist that all saddles are hand-crafted in the traditional manner. Their highly skilled saddlers use only the best quality British materials, from English leathers to pure-wool flocking and wood-laminated spring trees.

GLC Direct

GLC Direct is a privately held company that formulates remarkable joint-care products that are supported by research, science, independent clinical studies, and patents. Their products are clinically proven to be safe and effective, due to the unequaled purity in ingredients. GLC Direct is 100% committed to providing the highest quality nutraceuticals and dietary supplements possible.

Actistatin Equine

Actistatin Equine is a maximum absorption joint support formula clinically proven to fight free radicals and normal inflammatory responses, support healthy joints and bones, and help relieve normal joint stiffness due to training, exercise, age, etc., while being safe for all disciplines. Actistatin Equine is made by GLC Direct and provided to all MMSC horses.

Photonic Health

Photonic Health believes in providing simple, effective solutions to pet owners so they can experience the joy and love that a pet brings, instead of the frustration and fear that occurs when your pet is sick, through the use of Red Light Therapy. Red Light Light Therapy has the ability to address physiological, mental, and emotional issues. The therapy allows the body to heal itself by reducing/eliminating pain and inflammation, while increasing circulation. It also excites the collagen within the damaged tissue, and allows the body to heal itself faster.