Frequently asked questions

Why should I adopt from the MMSC?

The MMSC is known for having of some of the best off the track racehorses available for adoption. Upon graduation from our Horse Centered Reschooling Program℠, MMSC horses have gone on to on to be top eventing, jumping, and dressage horses, as well as trustworthy horses on trails, in parades, in lessons, and in the hunt field.

We pride ourselves on four things: quality, excellence, transparency and honesty.

Horses that come to the MMSC are screened and selected on the quality of their conformation, temperament, soundness, and age. They receive a thorough evaluation from a team of specialists before being matriculated into our holistic, interdisciplinary Horse Center ReSchooling Program℠. The MMSC documents its findings and impressions along with all records both during the horse’s stay at the MMSC. Any records we can obtain from its racing days are also included in a “baby book” for prospective adopters to review. The baby book goes with the horse when adopted.

How does the adoption process work?

To begin the adoption process, visit our Adopt page to find the Adoption Application, which you may send to us via online submission, email, mail or fax. We require three references (veterinarian, equine specialist and personal) as well as some pictures of where the horse(s) will be kept. Potential adopters of Noble Horses must also submit a Noble Horse Application Addendum. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by our approval committee. You will be notified of their decision in three to five business days.

Upon approval, we will work with you to find a horse that best suits your needs and wishes. We will direct you to pictures and videos as well as discuss each horse’s personality and merits with you. Then you will be asked to schedule an appointment to come try your horse/s to see if the fit is a good one. The truth be told, we want to see if the horse “chooses” you, because, in our experience, the horse is the best judge of character!

For more information about the adoption process, read in detail about each step of the process here.

Can i put a hold deposit on a horse?

No. The horses are adopted out first come first serve to the approved adopter who proves to be a good fit. If you are keenly interested in a horse, be prepared to drop everything to come see it, as we do not hold horses. It is our responsibility to help as many OTTBs as possible to find new homes. As soon a horse moves out of our program, we have a new one waiting to move in. So if you do miss out on the horse you thought you wanted, rest assured there will always be more horses to choose from.

The MMSC places a high priority on the match between adopter and horse. We want to ensure that not only does the adopter get along with their horse of choice, but that the horse also is happy with the adopter. This cannot be assessed until you have ridden the horse/s. We also frequently find that the horse a potential adopter has come to ride and adopt is not the horse that person ends up adopting. There is simply no substitute for sitting on the horses and feeling the connection between horse and rider.

How are the adoption fees determined?

Once you have tried and selected your horse, you will negotiate the adoption fee with our director Susanna Thomas. All horses are priceless to us, and, “free” to you as all our adoption fees are tax deductible. We will discuss a suggested donation fee with you based on the condition and potential of the horse and on the amount of expense we currently have invested in the horse. For instance, a young, healthy horse that may turn into an outstanding show prospect would require a larger adoption fee, in order to make up the difference for an older horse with a few issues who may have higher expenses with us but has a lower adoption fee. These young horses are termed "legacy horses" because they help pave the way for many of our other horses. The tax-deductible adoption fee, which is non-refundable, may run from a low of $4000 to $7000 or higher to run the full gamut of your generosity! Noble Horse fees are determined based on the horse's capabilities - please inquire for more information. Legacy Horses will have higher adoption fees - please inquire for more information. You will be asked to sign a contract and to pay in full for us to consider the horse adopted. From that moment on, you have one week of free board before you must transport your horse to its new home.

Why are some of the adoption fees higher than other rescues?

Our horses are screened before getting into our program for saneness, soundness, and suitability. Then they are reviewed by a team of experts when they get to the MMSC. Our program continues with individualized care and training, so you are getting a horse with a solid foundation for a new career. The adoption fees pay for the expenses that the horses incur whilst in our care and thus help our program run at the level of excellence that it does.

Can I sell my horse?

You can sell your horse as long you notify the MMSC of your intention to sell and offer the MMSC the right of first refusal. Then, the new owner must complete a Transfer Adoption Contract with the MMSC and agree to the same provisions for care and tracking for life as the original adopter did including offering the MMSC the right of first refusal should the need or desire to sell the horse arise.

If I adopt a mare, can I breed her?

You can breed your mare with the express written permission of the MMSC and the mare's original owner, but you will not get her Jockey Club papers and the offspring will never be allowed to race.

Can I have a vet check a horse over before I adopt?

YES! But please contact the MMSC before making arrangements so we can be there and have the horse up when the vet arrives. We are sponsored by Hagyard Equine Hospital, but you are welcome to use a veterinarian from any practice that you wish.  You, the potential adopter, are responsible for this expense.

Is transportation my responsibility?

Yes. Brook Ledge Horse Transportation is our primary transporter and we suggest that you call them first.  For a list of additional commercial transporters, click here.

Does the entire adoption fee have to be paid at once?

Yes, the fee needs to be paid before the horse leaves the organization’s care.

What payment types are accepted?

We ask for check, cash, or money order.  If you choose to pay by credit care you will be asked to pay a 6% processing fee in addition to the base adoption fee.

When I adopt, do I get all my horse’s records?

Yes, when you adopt from the MMSC, you get a “baby book” which includes copies of the horse’s race record, papers, training charts, and vet records.

Are Thoroughbreds good “kid” or beginner horses?

They can be. Like other breeds, horses are individuals and have different dispositions.

Are older horses available?

The MMSC has horses that range from 3 to 10 years old. Some of our Noble Horses will occasionally exceed 10. 

Can I foster a horse from the MMSC?

Yes, we do have a foster program for MMSC horses during the winter months when our barn is closed, as well as occasionally for horses that we have accepted but need additional layup prior to beginning training for new skills. For more information, please contact us directly by calling us at (859) 246-3080 or by emailing us at