bucephalus training library

The Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center is a showcase facility for reschooling Thoroughbreds for new careers and is dedicated to educating the public about the value, sensitivity, and talents of these amazing horses as equine athletes. Thanks to a generous gift from Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Riggio, Thoroughbred racehorse owners and lovers, the MMSC has begun a library of training resources.  It seemed fitting to name this library after a horse, as all that we do at the MMSC is “Horse Centered.” At the same time we wanted to commemorate the skill and sensitivity of his trainer, who is none other than Alexander the Great. Deemed dangerous and unrideable, Bucephalus only became the mighty war horse of renown once a teenaged horse whisperer, Alexander the Great, figured out that the great steed was scared of his own shadow. Alexander introduced Bucephalus to riding without fear and together they conquered a vast empire throughout numerous military campaigns. When Alexander died, Bucephalus was buried beside him in the same grave.

The Bucephalus Training Library is open to the public. Please come enjoy the wisdom of the masters down through the ages in the comfortable and bucolic setting of the MMSC. Donations of books and DVDs are welcome and tax deductible.