The MMSC is always on the lookout for Thoroughbreds that need to transition to new careers. Because of our premier location at the Kentucky Horse Park, our limited space (15 acres of paddock and one ten stall barn) and our mission to showcase the athleticism of the off-track Thoroughbred, we have to be discriminating about our selection of MMSC candidates. We do take horses of either sex (no stallions), raced or unraced, and typically under the age of 10. We cannot take unregistered Thoroughbreds. Horses that have former injuries that significantly could compromise new athletic endeavors are welcome in our Noble Horse Program pending space availability.

Should you have a horse that you would like to donate to our program, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below, then contact the MMSC at or 859-246-3080. We'd love to hear about your horse, and we appreciate you sending four conformation photos (front, rear, right and left sides), pedigree, and injury history. We also will need to see a short You-tube video of the horse moving either at liberty or under saddle at a walk, trot and canter in both directions. Depending on the proximity, we may ask to come see the horse. Before the horse arrives at the MMSC, the below Intake Agreement must also be completed.

If accepted into the program, we pledge to give your horse the necessary reschooling for a new career, to match it up with an ideal adopter and to track the animal for life. We can herald your generosity and your responsible ownership of a racehorse on our webpage by providing a link to your organization or business.

Because we exist only on the generosity of our supporters and whatever adoption fees we can garner, we hope that you support your horse and its reschooling with a donation of a minimum of $1,500 at the time of surrender.  This sum, as well as the horse (up to $5,000) are tax deductible.