This world is full of needs and worthy causes. Requests for help are everywhere. We all tend to turn our heads from this onslaught and slog through our own challenges. That’s understandable and human.

But it is also human, and so wonderfully AMERICAN to want to reach out and help those in need. If you are so motivated, and if you can and choose to give of your resources to help Thoroughbreds find new jobs, then here is what your tax deductible donation could go to at the MMSC: 

  • $8 will buy a bale of hay to feed a horse for two days
  • $16 will pay for a bag of feed that will last one horse one week
  • $75 will take care of one horse’s feet for one month
  • $100 will pay for one dental calibration
  • $250 will pay for vet, chiropractic, or acupuncture treatments
  • $500 will cover entry fees for 10 MMSC horses at local shows where they will gain experience and be seen by a wider public
  • $1000 will buy pasture seed to renovate half of our paddocks.

Then there are the less glamorous expenses like water, electricity, garbage pickup, insurance premiums, and office expenses. There are salaries, too. Not that MMSC staff isn’t impassioned, but you can’t eat passion, or buy gas, or pay your taxes. Salaries, even trim ones, take money too. And just as we advocate caring for horses adequately, we believe it is important to acknowledge the needs of the dedicated group of people who work at the MMSC some very long and hard hours.

Your “stuff” is useful too: Tack, barn supplies, books for The Bucephalus Training Library, and your estate bequests-stocks, bonds, or properties. All are very valuable to us and tax deductible to you. Every horse that we help, every match that we make, every year that we continue to be here to help more horses, is a something to celebrate. If  you would like to be part of this celebration in any way, please join us. We welcome you to our MMSC mission and family!

Thank you!

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