Online Adoption Application Now Available

We've heard you! Thank you so much for your interest and input! We’re always looking to serve you better. Many of you have asked for an online adoption application, and in the quieter month of January, we have had time to research online forms and are now instituting this at your request. Review the MMSC adoption process and complete the online adoption application here!

In order to offset the cost of this service, we will begin charging a small application fee of $25. If you are submitted a new application, your application will not be processed or sent for approval until we have received this fee. You are also still welcome to complete the application by hand if you so wish, and the application fee for a hand-written application will be $30 due to the additional processing required.

If you have already submitted at least a portion of your adoption application to the MMSC (in the time period of Jan. 1, 2016 through Feb. 15, 2016), your application fee will be waived if your application is completed by March 15, 2016. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns -