Looking Ahead to 2015

With just one month before the horses arrive back on the MMSC campus, we’re busy getting everything ready for the new season. Interns are arriving and learning the ropes, tack is being cleaned and polished, and the horses are nearing the end of their winter vacation. We have 4 horses returning from winter foster homes, Jazz Fest, Colonel Harlan, Bordeaux Bandit, and Meteor Shot, as well as 8 new horses whom we are eager to help discover a second career and find their forever homes.

As we look forward to this new year of horses and adoptions, we can’t help but look back at the horses who touched our lives during 2014 that have already made great strides in their new homes. Peace Cry, adopted from the MMSC in June, has turned into quite the western pleasure and trail horse, and is even starting to learn how to barrel race! His adopter Ashley says “the trail rides we have gone on so far consist of tough terrain for 25 miles, and camping overnight with groups of people and horses in the northern forests of Wisconsin. Lucien has mastered this incredibly fast, by far has been proven to be the best behaved horse in the group. I honestly can’t express how much I love this horse. He is my one and only soul mate. That one horse in your lifetime that is incredible and no other horse will ever be able to replace.” Coffee and Donuts went to his very first dressage show with his person Danielle and got a 65% and 2nd place in Intro test B and a 60% and 4th place in Intro test C. Nowhere to Hide and Jeff are learning to jump together and have progressed to cantering crossrails. Kincora Bay has learned the joys of fox-hunting and will be branching into the eventing world this spring. And Max Man competed in his first horse show and is amusing everyone he meets with his continued pirate-like antics – including stealing blankets from other horses.

None of these heart-warming stories would be possible without your gracious support or the aid of the generous grants the MMSC received last year from Thoroughbred Charities of America, Blue Horse Charities, After the Finish Line, and the ASPCA. We couldn’t have taken care of these horses without their support and, indeed, we could not have reschooled so many horses without the grant provided by the ASPCA for training.

With the funds provided by that grant, we hired two talented horsewomen: Carolyn Drover, an intermediate level event rider, and Gina Moore, a racehorse exercise rider and an intermediate level event rider as well. Thanks to them, and all of you wonderful supporters, 2014 was a truly successful year at the MMSC!

Stay tuned for more news about the incoming horses, happy adopters, and upcoming MMSC events.