MMSC Awarded Thoroughbred Charities of America and Blue Horse Charity Grants

The Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (MMSC), a premier reschooling facility for adoptable Thoroughbreds located at the Kentucky Horse Park, is pleased to announce it has recently been awarded a grant from The Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) as well as a grant from Blue Horse Charities. These two grants will go towards feed costs and hoof care expenses in 2014.

“Thoroughbred Charities of America is proud to provide the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center with a 2014 grant in support of their efforts to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome off-the-track Thoroughbreds,” said Erin Crady executive director of TCA. “We greatly appreciate their work and commitment to Thoroughbreds."

The MMSC’s mission is to use its illustrious location to showcase the athleticism and versatility of the Thoroughbred in a host of equestrian sports, and to give adopatable Thoroughbreds the education they need to transition to second careers where they can serve as ambassadors for the breed. As such the MMSC adheres to standards of excellence in horse care and training-no matter what the cost or the time involved, as well as to diligence and patience in matching horses with prospective adopters who will be exactly the right fit.

“To give our horses the best feed, care, therapies and training they need is our commitment and our joy,” says MMSC Director, Susanna Thomas, “as is biding our time until the right adopter for each horse comes along. But these standards and practices come at a price. That is why we are so grateful to the boards of TCA and Blue Horse Charities for their continuing support of our program each year. We can only keep the MMSC going thanks to the generosity of private donors and grants.”

Thoroughbred Charities of America is a non profit organization whose mission is to provide a better life for Thoroughbreds, both during and after their racing careers by supporting rescue, retirement and research and by helping the people who work with them. Over the past 23 years TCA has provided nearly $20 million grants to more than 200 Thoroughbred-related organizations.

Founded in 2001, Blue Horse Charities is funded by contributions from buyers and sellers at Fasig-Tipton auctions. All contributions are matched equally by Fasig-Tipton. In addition to granting funds, Blue Horse Charities strives to educate owners about the suitable options for Thoroughbreds at the conclusion of their racing careers. To date, more than $1.8 million has been granted to more than 70 charities.

“We Lexingtonians watch with great pride the excellent work done in our home town by The Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center” says Terence Collier of Fasig-Tipton. "The financial support we are able to give Thoroughbreds there, through Blue Horse Charities, is being used very productively.”