Horses Arrive on the MMSC Campus

Although winter is still making its presence known across the Bluegrass, the feeling of spring was in the air last week as the barn was reopened after its long hiatus and horses returned to campus! Seven off-the-track Thoroughbreds, most of them wooly and shaggy, arrived early this week and settled in to their new temporary home, exploring the pastures and making new friends. In spite of the chill, the barn has been abuzz in extreme makeover mode as we launched into pulling manes, clipping muzzles and pasterns, banging tails, and currying coats. Our equine dentist, the wonderful Victor Torres, came on Thursday to inspect each horse's mouth and to float and level teeth where necessary. Farrier and chiropractic visits have been scheduled for this coming week, to be followed if necessary by vet care and more alternative treatments such as ultrasound, acupuncture, and massage. As soon as the weather breaks, we will then take our new beauties out to the front of the MMSC for their photo shoots, so keep awatch! (Until then, check out the photo gallery below to see a sneak peak of the 7 new Thoroughbreds, fresh off the trailer and before their visit to the beauty parlor.)

Weather permitting, we will also soon be starting the second phase of the Horse Centered Reschooling Program® with the new horses - getting to know their horsenalities and learning styles. We look forward to getting to know each horse in the coming weeks as we transition them from their former lives as racehorses to new careers in disciplines of their own choosing! Be sure to follow along with us!