AirESS Equine Sponsors Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center

Lexington, KY— The Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center is pleased to announce a new sponsorship with AirESS Equine.

AirESS Equine, founded by accomplished horsewoman and international horse trainer Jacqueline Nadler, produces inflatable equestrian jumping obstacles constructed out of military grade materials. The idea was born while Jacqueline was training horses in Africa where baboons regularly vandalized her jumps. She began searching for a way to build jumps that would withstand the natural elements (including baboons!), remain safe for horses, and be easy to maneuver in an arena. The solution was the AirESS line of products, fashioned after inflatable structures used by the armed forces as training devices and decoys.

AIR-ESS products are rigorously tested and reviewed to ensure that any jump, filler, or obstacle will stand the test of time. Remarkably portable and lightweight, they inflate and deflate in 15-90 seconds, and can be packed up in less than a tenth of the inflated size. An option of adding water provides further stability.

“AirEss Equine shares the MMSC’s vision of putting the needs of the horse first and foremost in all that they do, giving it a proper foundation for a new job and waiting until they find the correct match for it, no matter how long that takes,” says Nadler. “We appreciate their dedication to the horse and to horsemanship and their emphasis on quality and excellence. This is in perfect alignment with what we do and espouse. We are looking forward to working with the MMSC in many new and exciting ways going forth.”

The MMSC’s Horse-Centered Reschooling Program(SM), an holistic, interdisciplinary training system that exposes OTTBs to myriad equestrian disciplines with the intention of discovering their latent talents and passions, places an emphasis on jumping. Each horse is introduced to jumping through the use of a free-jumping pen, progresses with jumping lessons under tack, and is exposed to jumping outside of an arena on the MMSC’s cross country course. The range of products provided by AirESS equine, including inflatable logs, coups, walls and hedges, will significantly improve every aspect of this training. The inflatable logs will be used in the free-jumping pen to help the horses learn to jump in better form, and the addition of fillers and inflatable hedges and coups will provide new and more varied jumps, courses, and experiences to the horses jumping under tack, be that in an arena or on the MMSC cross-country course.

“The diversity of the jumps provided will enable us to raise the bar of the training we are providing to our adoptable OTTBs,” says MMSC Trainer and Barn Manager Kara Toye. “It’s not uncommon for us to have a full jump course set up in the arena one day and a barrel racing pattern the next, and the mobility and ease of use of these inflatable jumps means we can accomplish more with less manpower, while still providing new, diverse, and safe experiences to the horses every day. That’s what I call a Gold Standard product!”


The Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (MMSC), which has been hailed as “The Gold Standard in Thoroughbred Reschooling”, uses its illustrious location in the Kentucky Horse Park to herald the athleticism of this amazing breed by teaching new skill sets to horses of all levels of ability so they can go on to be ambassadors for racehorses in new careers. The MMSC is supported solely by donations, grants, and adoption fees. Executive Director Susanna Thomas brought the Horse Centered Reschooling ProgramSM to the MMSC. It is a holistic interdisciplinary training program comprised of three distinct phases: body, spirit, and mind. Potential adopters must fill out an application and when approved come to the MMSC to try the horse/s to make sure that the fit between horse and adopter is a good one. The MMSC is open to the public and welcomes visitors. For more information visit and follow the MMSC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.