Noble Horse Program Launches

The MMSC Noble Horse Program is up and running! After many months of discussion and refinement of our ideas about how to help a population of horses who don’t fit our criteria but still are serviceable enough for a loving home, we now have for the first time several horses available as a Noble Horse adoption. Noble Horses are those who have some kind of injury that permanently limits their athletic prowess or those who have recent injuries that just need time for let down and healing up. The MMSC has not rehabbed and reschooled these horses, but we have evaluated their conformation, temperament, and movement and collected information about their racing history and injuries. We believe these horses to be serviceable on some level or at some future point and seemingly level-headed and kind enough to be good adoptive prospects. Adoption fees for Noble Horses are much lower, reflecting the lack of MMSC training in the horses. If you’re interested in adopting a Noble Horse, click here.