MMSC and #GivingTuesday on November 29

What is #GivingTuesday?

The fifth annual #GivingTuesday inspires personal philanthropy and encourages bigger, better and smarter charitable giving during the holiday season, showing that the world truly gives as good as it gets. #GivingTuesday will take place on November 29. 2016.

Why do people participate in Giving Tuesday?

We give because we care. We give to make a change. We give to support organizations we align with. Whether you give to give back or to support a cause the reasons are endless. In less than a few weeks, millions of individuals across the globe will come together to make November 29th the most charitable day (ever!)

What if I already gave to the MMSC Annual Fund?

With our complete gratitude, we ask if you have already contributed to our Annual Fund this year - you can still participate in posting our #GivingTuesday message on your Facebook page or forwarding on our message via email to your personal networks.

How do I donate to MMSC on #GivingTuesday?

Donating is easy! On Tuesday November 29th, just click the below link to visit our donation page. Follow the instructions to donate and you’re all set.

Donate to MMSC on #GivingTuesday

How do I post this to my Facebook page and get my personal network involved?

If you are looking to help #GTSupportMMSC go viral… copy, paste and post the below message to Facebook or Instagram.

Friends and Family! Join me in supporting @MakersMarkSecretariatCenter on #GivingTuesday. Visit to support a great organization. #GTSupportMMSC