Sterling Thunder - AdoptED

Barn Name: Sterling
Date of Birth: May 15, 2011
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.2hh
Sire: Mikimoto's Mojo
Dam: Gallaping Lass by Civilizasion
Race Record: 45-3-3-3
Earnings: $40,898
Date of Last Race: 7/2/17

*Eligible for the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover

About Sterling

November 2018 - Do you remember Sterling Thunder? The 16.2hh, 2011 gelding by Mikimoto’s Mojo out of Gallaping Lass that we found at Mountaineer in August? At that time this warhorse was in dire straights, close to breathing his last. So we brought him to the Center with the intention of lovingly sending him on to greener pastures. But when Sterling saw the pastures at the MMSC, however, he decided they were green enough and he convinced us that we should help him fight the good fight to live another day. The prognosis was not good--we were told he would never be sound, and certainly not rideable.  And for many months, that was true. But never tell the stalwart Sterling what he can and cannot do! And never, ever, underestimate the powers of Father Time, Mother Nature, and Dr. Green. After more than a year in our Clean Start program turned out to pasture, this remarkable horse is back at the MMSC, SOUND and....RIDEABLE!  Take a look at his photographs, does he not look like the classic Thoroughbreds portrayed by author and illustrator, C,W, Anderson of the Billy and Blaze children's book series?  Tall, leggy, and all class, Sterling oozes elegance.  Intelligence and nobility are written all over his face. His eyes gleam with self assurance and pride, and he is always game for new vistas. This is a horse that embodies the best qualities of all Thoroughbreds - smarts, courage, character, and a will to live. You know it when you see him, and you’ll never forget him once you’ve met him. 

September 2017 - The MMSC is not a rescue, choosing instead to use its limited resources of space and its prestigious location of the Kentucky Horse Park as a stage from which to broadcast to the public the versatility and athleticism of off-track Thoroughbreds in second careers. That said, there are horses every year that we can’t help helping - because they beckon clearly and unremittingly to us, and we just can’t say “no.” The reality of these horses, we have found, is that they come our way for mysterious reasons. Maybe to open our minds, maybe to teach us lessons that we didn’t know that we had to learn, maybe to become a special companion for a special person down the road. Such is the case with Sterling Thunder, a 16.3hh, 2011 gelding by Mikimoto’s Mojo out of Gallaping Lass. We found this warhorse veteran of 45 starts with total earnings of $40,898 at Mountaineer in August with a swollen left knee that he could bear no weight on and a right front that we feared was close to foundering. We thought we would do him the favor of bringing him back to Kentucky, cleaning him up, and humanely euthanizing him to get him out of his pain. But Sterling had and has other plans. In his first month with us, he fought valiantly to survive. Thanks to meds, non-invasive treatment from Hagyard, and a product that reduces oxidative stress, he was able to start bearing weight on the knee. He picked up weight. His spirits were and have remained bright. Although it is doubtful that he ever will be fully sound of limb, he definitely is sound of mind and now, only two months after coming to us, is thriving on full time turn out in a field. We are thrilled with his progress and now start to look toward his future. Perhaps he could be a babysitter? Or a pasture pal? Maybe he could be the star in an equine assisted growth and learning program? He would excel at that! Kind, gentle, and very friendly, Sterling reminds us of a wounded warrior, and because of his past and how he has handled his injuries, he has much to teach us about resilience, attitude, and love. Already, he has scoffed in the face of his limitations and opened our minds. Already, he is touching everyone he meets with his story and his bright spirit. We don’t know yet what the future holds for Sterling, but one thing is for sure - his story will continue, and that in itself is a miracle.