Ole Doc - AdoptED

Barn Name: Martin
Date of Birth: January 9, 2012
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16hh
Sire: Ole Rebel
Dam: Doc Knows Best by El Mandingo
Race Record: 28-5-4-4
Earnings: $102,485
Date of Last Race: 1/3/18

About Martin

August 2018 - Ole Doc aka “Martin” has really turned the corner physically, is starting to pick up weight and gloss and muscle too! He’s really come of out his shell and in fact is our star performer on our Horse Country tours, donning any costume, walking over any obstacle, and greeting each visitor - big or small, young or old - with intense curiosity and impeccable manners. As a student, Martin is a paragon of diligence, cautious but brave (i.e. “trust but verify”), and always keen to please and serve his rider. With this wonderful disposition, along with more steady training, we believe Martin could be the ideal horse for a beginner rider or even for a therapeutic riding program.

April 2018 - We all know the story of football player Michael Oher, thanks to the award-winning movie “The Blind Side”. This famous athlete had a hard-knock youth in multiple foster care situations until he found the Tuohy family who adopted him, loved him, and taught him how to be all that he could be. On this #HelpAHorseDay, we celebrate our “Michael Oher” story with Ole Doc, who was rescued from the kill pen in Louisiana thanks to icareihelp and a drove of horse-loving donors. He came to us physically stiff and sore, and emotionally stoic and remote, but thanks to our multiple forms of integrative medicine and our Horse-Centered Reschooling Program, we can see that his PTSD is receding and a kind, affectionate, and willing soul is emerging. We’re not asking a lot of him just yet - his lessons are short, easy to figure out, and full of praise. What we know for sure at this early state is that he is a very smart horse that needs to see things and have a moment to analyze them first,  although we think this tendency may disappear once he learns to trust his person and gets farther along in his new career. It has truly been a joy to help this horse, and we can’t wait to see where his journey will take him in the future!

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