Harley Boy - AdoptED

Barn Name: Harley
Date of Birth: March 11, 2013
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.1h
Sire: Harlan’s Holiday
Dam: Mer de Glace by Unbridled
Race Record: 5-0-0-3
Earnings: $4,015
Date of Last Race: 2/13/19
Adoption Fee: C (Mid 4-figures)
Location: MMSC Main Campus (Lexington, KY)

About Harley

A 16.1h, 2013 gelding by Harlan’s Holiday out of Mer de Glace by Unbridled, Harley Boy is aptly named, reminding us of his namesake. Like the motorcycle, Harley boasts a smooth, balanced motor, and also like the motorcycle, he takes a knowledgeable hand that can work with and around his unique (yet predictable) quirks. What separates him from the machine is his living horsenality and his desire to connect with a person. As we’ve gotten to know him, it’s become clear that Harley will excel in a program with a positive environment and a steady relationship. He’s even proving to be a wonderfully straight shooter when set up to win. On his first trail ride he gamely led the way across the water and happily jumped over our small logs. He is thoroughly enjoying his jumping lessons in the arena too, pricking his ears at every fence as he learns to find his spots. And as he continues to build a relationship with our trainer Kara, he grows daily in self-confidence and enthusiasm for his new career. What exactly that new career will be is yet to be determined. Blending the natural athleticism of a buff jock with an elegant style all his own on the flat, Harley has all the right pieces to excel as a sport horse. Now he just needs the right person - could that be you?

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How's this for a bombproof horse? Even with our fencing upgrades in the works, Harley Boy said, "The show must go on!" This was his first time seeing the inflatable coups from Air-ESS Equine Products too, and we are so proud of his willing attitude in the midst of a busy, loud environment with brand new questions.

Here, MMSC trainer Kara is encouraging Harley to play and explore, making his own choices through the obstacles, empowering him and building both his trust in his handler and his own self-confidence and initiative. This groundwork has the added benefit of helping him be more aware of his feet - something he hasn't had to think too hard about in his life thus far! The bridges and the inflatable coup from Air-ESS Equine Products are teaching him to be conscious of where he places each foot, a lesson that will be so critical as his jumping under saddle progresses and as he works more outside of the flat arena.