Horses that reside on campus are matriculated into the Horse Centered ReSchooling Program℠ (HCRP). Noble Horses that need time to be let down and heal, are housed off campus, and are not in training but are adoptable at lower fees. The HCRP was developed by MMSC Director, Susanna Thomas, a lifelong horsewoman and holistic thinker, It is based on the belief that to reschool a horse successfully and expeditiously,  its mind, body, and spirit all must be tended to with equal care. Once the horse arrives at  the MMSC, it is reviewed by a team of experts: dentist, farrier, vet, nutrition specialist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and various practitioners of alternative therapies to ensure that the horse is as balanced physically from the onset, as it can be. From there horses are assessed for temperament and learning style in a round pen, using natural horsemanship and Tellington-Jones techniques, as well as mounted police “bomb proofing” desensitization exercises.  Training progresses classically then with in hand ground work, lunging and long lining, followed by interdisciplinary introductions to dressage, jumping, trail riding, cross country work, and, when possible, horse shows.  Potential adopters are carefully screened and must come to the MMSC to meet and ride the horse/s to ensure an excellent and enduring match.

“Our goal,” says Thomas, “is to figure out who a horse is inherently, what its ‘horsenality’ is like, to strengthen its weaknesses, to heal its wounds, whether they be physical, mental, or spiritual, to ‘find out what the horse wants to be when it grows up,’ and then to find the perfect person to adopt it. That is our purpose, our privilege and our passion here at the MMSC.”