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We were loading a horse into an adopter's trailer the other day when he stopped to "meet" the statue of Secretariat that stands in front of our office, his head perfectly aligned with that of the great champion, a heavenly sky as a backdrop.

HORSES. HONOR. HISTORY. That's what the MMSC is all about! I stopped, pulled out my phone and snapped a picture.

The MMSC is all about the horse. Every Thoroughbred here is honored, from its rehab care, to its reschooling, to the selection of its adopter, getting exactly what and who it needs. All of its history, pedigree, race records, and training charts are documented in our voluminous “baby books”. We are horse centric, focused on quality, practicing excellence, and utterly transparent. This is why we won Equestrian Living’s Gold Medal for “Best Equestrian Charity of 2017.” We are proud of that.

But the sight of the young Thoroughbred beside the bronze statue - one of only five statues in the world of the great Secretariat - superseded all that: HORSES. HONOR. HISTORY. That's what ALL Thoroughbreds are about! Everyone who has one feels that. Everyone who aspires to having one knows that.

Which is why I wanted to share this image with you. On a mug, a tote bag, a pillow, or whatever type of gift you prefer when you make a donation.

And what does your donation do? It provides rest in our Clean Start Program for the time a horse needs let down. It helps offset rebahilitation costs - surgery, medications, and complementary therapies. It pays for feed, hay, horseshoes, barn supplies, and the careful reschooling of each horse. It goes towards mowing the grass, reseeding the paddocks, mending the fences. It allows the MMSC to be a tour destination so that those who love Thoroughbreds can get close to them. It provides educational opportunities for young people who want to learn about them and to interact with them. It gives the MMSC the opportunity to showcase the breed and the industry and to herald them both. Best of all, it makes it possible for a horse to find a new purpose and a loving home.

Thank you for helping the MMSC to do all of these things. Thank you for investing in the future of an off-track Thoroughbred. Thank you for making someone’s dream of owning a Thoroughbred come true. Every time you see “Horses. Honor. History.” on the gift that comes with your donation, please know how much you are appreciated for the difference you have made.

Susanna Thomas
MMSC Executive Director

Use the form below to make a donation online through our secure site.
You can also call us directly with a credit card payment at 859.246.3080, or send a check to: Maker's Mark Secretariat Center, 4089 Ironworks Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511. MMSC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit racehorse adoption program. Your donation is tax-deductible pursuant to applicable laws.