August 31, 2008: Barn Notes

Barn manager Rebecca Hutchins and Gunner Milligan show Adoption Day visitors how to groom a horse
Adoption Day visitors arriving to the Secretariat Center for an interactive demonstration
Asst. barn manager Jenn Hall with Ten Something

Yesterday was the Kentucky Horse Park's Adoption Day, which featured local animal shelters' dogs and cats, as well as representatives from the Kentucky Equine Humane Center and of course, us! It was a huge success...we brought two horsevan loads of visitors out to the Center from the Park's visitor center for interactive demonstrations with our horses. We showed the kids how to groom using Gunner and LuckyPony, and told everyone each of our horse's stories. Our barn manager Rebecca Hutchins also gave a short talk on the equipment and clothes she used in her days as a jockey. Everyone seemed really interested in our mission, and the horses enjoyed having visitors.

Lucky Bid and Ten Something were shown to a couple from Berea looking for a trail horse who took paperwork for both of them. It will be great if one of them is adopted...they both deserve a really great home. Ten is a six year old slaughter rescue, beautiful 16.2 mare who's sound for any discipline, but best suited as a show horse prospect. Lucky Bid is a big 17 hand gray gelding whose osselets prevent heavy riding or jumping, but who will be sound for a trail or light pleasure horse. In his heyday, he earned almost $150,000 at the track!

Gunner Milligan and Fly Lite have both found homes! Gunner will be going home to Indiana with Julie Strouder next week to be a pleasure and light jumping horse. She's absolutely thrilled with him, and we're sure they'll be a perfect match. Fly Lite, who has been here for ten long months, has found a financial sponsor and will be adopted by Rebecca. She's going to be kept at the Center as a demonstration horse while Rebecca trains her for the local hunter circuit, and potential re-sale down the road. Fly and Becca work very well together...Fly has learned how to relax considerably under saddle, and Rebecca really loves her athleticism and intelligence.

We're also looking forward to welcoming our fall interns in the next couple weeks...this blog will eventually become the responsibility of the equine communications intern, with input from the other two interns, our director Susanna, and me! It'll be really great to open the Center up to undergraduates...I know working here has been a great learning experience for me, and providing education to the local community is central to the original mission of the Center.

That's all for now--have a great Labor Day, everybody!


**All photo credits on this story, and on our sidebar go to Hal Almond of Cincinatti**