Video Blog: Espana SILK #3: All-Natural Bug Spray

We are looking forward to warm weather but as the summer season approaches, so do nasty flies and pests. Flies and bugs annoy humans and horses alike but EspanaSilk is here to help! EpsanaSilk’s All Natural Bug Spray is a chemical free solution to pesky summer insect problems. Safe to apply from face to tail, this product uses ingredients such as eucalyptus, marigold, rosemary, cedar wood, peppermint, citronella and pine extracts to repel insects from your horse (or you!) Not only is this product great for repelling bugs, but it also hydrates skin as well! We suggest using this product with EspanaSilk’s All Natural Protein Antiseptic Topical Spray and Conditioner to create a layer of eucalyptus to make it difficult for insects to bite your horse.