Video Blog: Espana SILK #2 - Antiseptic Healing Topical Spray and Conditioner

Is your horse dealing with skin issues after the wet February? Or is he a magnet for bugs in the summer? These two EspanaSilk products can help! EspanaSilk’s line of healing products give horses a soothing and calming remedy for itchy and dry skin, sunburned muzzles, bug bites, and clipper or minor skin irritations. We love pairing the All Natural Protein Antiseptic Topical Spray with the Antiseptic Healing conditioner to create a layering effect of healing on our horses’ skin. We also use the Antiseptic Healing Shampoo regularly for our Thoroughbreds with extra sensitive skin. These products feature wonderful ingredients like aloe vera gel, eucalyptus extract, and chamomile extract that stop the itch cycle on contact and promote healing and hair growth. Your horse is sure to love the pampering effect these EspanaSilk products provide!