'Twas the Night Before Christmas

’Twas the night before Christmas at the MMSC, 
                              the office was quiet, the paddocks were free,
              the horses had left as our season had ended,
                after the year’s full court press, a rest would be splendid!

It started in January with a great artic chill,
so pipes were left dripping—we all know the drill,
but there was one pesky faucet we completely forgot.
 When we arrived in the morning, we were very distraught!

The office was flooded, our files were afloat,
had we come any later, we’d have needed a boat.
The water was gushing full force from the ceiling,
The carpets were ruined, the wall paint was peeling.

So we shut down the main and donned tall rubber boots, 
and went sopping and mopping with the vengeance of brutes.
Three months in one room we all huddled together                      
awaiting repairs and a change in the weather.

But the days remained nippy, the ground covered with snow,the footing was terrible and our training was slow,
people were hesitant to come try what we had,
which set back our total adoptions a tad.

When spring finally came
 a month or more late,
we opened all cylinders and took off at full spate,
our interns, our volunteers, our hardworking board,
helped us to get rolling ’til our telephones roared.

With visitors, adopters, horse lovers and guests,
making appointments to see what we love and do best:
reschooling fine racehorses both lovely and clever
as breed ambassadors in all new endeavors.

As eventers and hunters and jumpers and more,
with such talented horses, it’s hard to keep score!
We gave tours, demonstrations, and created connections
with aftercare colleagues to share predilections. 

In July came the titans with an incredible scheme, 
to help one of them, Jeffy, to fulfill a big dream,
to claim as his own the great Nowheretohide,
“He’s too fast,” said Susanna. “Do you know how to ride?”

"Not, yet,” Jeffy said with a big Shrek-like grin,
“But I’m a really good athlete and I know how to win.
I’ll read all the books. I’ll take daily lessons.
I’ll call every Sunday, til he’s in my possession.”

At the MMSC we let all horses choose,
which to some might seem odd, though it’s a practical ruse,
For if you don’t watch a rider, and your eye’s not discerning
there’s a 100% chance that horse is returning!

Noah made his decision and at Sips N Saddles Jeff spoke
of how he felt about his racehorse. It made the crowd choke.
This party’s success and our daily existence
we owe to our angel volunteers’ assistance.

“On Peggy! On Jackie! On Laurie! On Dave!
On Enid! On Tom! On volunteers brave!!
Pull weeds in the front, blow the aisles in the stable,
File the bills, mop the floors, clean the tack if you’ re able.”

“Curry Jake. Water Tidings. Soak Regiment’s foot.
A Theraplate session for Bordeaux would be good.
“To the top of the loft! And be careful, dont fall!
                                                    Lob five bales of alfalfa! Susanna did call.

And so went each month jammed pack to the brink
that December arrived in a breath and a blink!
So we’ll go home for Christmas to our loved ones and guests,
To muse and give thanks for how the Center's been blessed.

We’ll be back after New Year’s with new vigor and vision
to share and impart our  Center's grand mission,
to give racehorses new jobs, broadcasting their worth
as the best equine athletes alive on this Earth!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


Double Minded, aka “Dublin, here posing as Santa Hoss, last raced in November of this year!
His  second career clearly is in film!!!