'Twas the Week Before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas at the MMSC
It had been a good year, about the best it could be!
Fine horses, nice interns, kind helpers and guests
Prime board members, fun fans, with all we were blessed!

The year began slowly as a new corporation,
We had lots to determine about our formation.
What policies? What procedures? What programs? What staff?
Our address is stellar, but you do the math!

There’s farrier, feed, bedding and hay
and water and lights and people to pay.
Donors will tell you their free horses are cheap,
but the truth of the matter is the costs make you weep.

 So we rolled up our sleeves and all went to work
with a schedule so ambitious it was simply berserk.
Training, maintaining, sustaining our horses
took all of our time and most of our forces.

Still, we had to make room to scavenge for money
Because living without it isn’t easy or funny.
We tried all kinds of ruses and fundraising schemes
Some things we thought up still remain to be seen.

Adoptions were steady and then came the rain
Bad footing, thrown shoes were truly a bane.
Still we kept to our methods, we stuck to our guns
giving horses what they needed and waited for sun.

We went to our namesake, the great Maker’s Mark
and CEO Samuels ignited a spark,
Let’s do a party! he suggested to us
We loved the idea it was truly a must.

The date was selected, the party was named
Sips ‘N Saddles to highlight why we are acclaimed
From horses to bourbon we really got lucky
For there is no doubt we’re the best in Kentucky!

The party was grand, the bottles got dipped
The horses amazed, at the end we were whipped.
But the night was successful, and the coffers got filled
and our spirits were glowing, though our fingers were chilled.

Then the days grew short and the nights grew long
The temperatures dropped and the winds blew strong
And when at year’s close, all steeds found their people
Director Susanna wanted to shout from a steeple

“On, Poker! On, Promise! On, Cooper and Xin Xu!
The world is now watching. We’re counting on you!
To the top of your class! High over the wall!
Now jump away, stride away, show the way all!"

At the end of the year, the Secretariat Center
closed its doors, drained it pipes, and scaled down for the winter.
To take a few days off, to have a short Christmas rest
And give thanks for the many ways we’d been blessed.

We’ll be back next year with renewed vim and vigor,
Our plans will be grand, our hopes even bigger.
More horses, more interns, more helpers and guests,
New board members, new fans will put us again to the test.

To be the best we can be, to help what horses we can,
to highlight and herald that Thoroughbreds which ran
can go on to new triumphs in second careers 
winning ribbons and trophies and deafening cheers.

But its not only in arenas that these horses excel
with their grace and nobility in our hearts they do dwell.
So next year make a plan to put under your tree
the perfect ex-racehorse from the MMSC!

Cheery bye and Happy Holidays!