As I lay in that semi dormant stage between sleep’s end and morning’s waking today, the subject of this blog--PURPOSE-- rose to and lodged itself in the forefront of my brain.  Doesn’t surprise me.  In my world, PURPOSE, is like a Jack Russell:  Ever present, small in stature, mighty in nature, never far from me and noisy. 

Purpose is the“why?” of all things. The defining concept that brings that unintelligible idea/pursuit/life to order. It’s the question that consumes us as toddlers (why? Why? WHY?) that somehow we lose an appetite for as we age. 

Why?!  Are we no longer in pursuit of answers? What happens to that curiosity? That desire to learn? That boldness to try? (Obviously I am on the mend from the CRUD. My mind is beginning to percolate anew.)

So what’s the purpose of  this blog? 

The purpose of this BLOG, as in the week to week forthcoming missives, is to introduce you to the “forthing and backing,” cast of characters --two and four legged, the sensational as well as the squirrely moments of a day in the life at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center, that’s already been said.

But the purpose of THIS blog today is to warn you:  There is no end of whys:
Why did the MMSC come into existence?
Why the Horse Centered ReSchooling Program? 
Why is one horse suited for eventing, another for the hunter ring? 
Why the feed, supplements, and  treatments we use?
Why are there so many unraced Thoroughbreds?
Why so many Thoroughbreds in general?
Why slaughter? 
Why not?

Like any good Jack Russell that lives for the pursuit of pesky varmints, I thrill in the tracing and unearthing of whys?, big or small, conventional or controversial. And I thought I’d let you know-- there’s fertile ground ahead.  

Purpose: It’s a powerful, productive, provocative word.  

I highly recommend your dwelling on it.  

Cheery bye,