Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all from the MMSC! And what will the New Year bring?  That’s always the big question.  The one we try to answer with resolutions and game plans, goals and objectives, projects and “to do” lists, some of which we hold onto throughout the ups and downs, twists and turns, forthing and backing (Why do we always say “back and forth” when, clearly, we have to go somewhere before we can return? Ah, beloved, quirky English language!) that occur with the unraveling of the days, weeks, months that form our year.

For my part, the New Year usually starts the same way: In  bed. I am not talking about sleeping through THE BALL dropping, although I have done that a time or two and probably will continue to do so as I accumulate personal mileage. No. I am talking about being felled by THE CRUD, typically of the bronchial type-- anywhere from pneumonia to to the common cold. It just depends on how badly my body wants to ram my restless self into park.

This year is no different, although the crud hit a bit early--December 27 to be precise. Not much to do about it other than to burrow under my covers. Thank GOD for the angels who cared for the two horses who did not get adopted this year and the barn kitties at the MMSC.

But just as winter has a key purpose in the proliferation of life, so it seems, does my crud. This forced fallow period is followed by a flowering of new ideas that pop up, crocus-like, harbingers of possibility and hope: More horses adopted and becoming ambassadors of the Thoroughbred breed. More educational opportunities for all, whether they are experienced equestriennes or not, live close or far, are young or old, to learn and interact with former race horses.  More discussions on how to merge synergies with all those interested in the issue of aftercare so this valiant effort can and will grow. More rainbows to follow in the perpetual search for the pot of gold so that we can keep our doors open and do what warms my heart more than anything-- help one horse at a time, each, with its own endearing horsenality and talents, find its perfect person!

 Welcome to Susanna’s blog and 2013!