Show Day!

Saturday saw a great deal happening at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (and the KY Horse Park). The Thoroughbred Show drew in a large number of people, all there to show-off their TBs. The MMSC was no exception. Though the day started early (What horse show doesn’t?), it was worth the lost sleep to see Moon, Rugby, Donnie, Duke, and Bart get some show experience and show off their skills.

Training intern, Irene Kaar, rode Donnie in the pair’s first dressage test…and did wonderfully!

Intern, Irene Kaar, and King’s Pardon (Donnie)

Irene rode beautifully and, as you can see from the picture, Donnie seemed to be quite proud of himself when it was all said and done. This duo handled themselves like pros, not letting on that they were both new to the dressage scene.

Duke, one the other hand, had a harder time acclimating. However, once he got in the ring (and past the scary judge’s gazebo for the first time) Duke did fantastic! For the baby three-year-old that he is, Duke acquitted himself admirably.

Trainer, Laura Knight, and Golden Noble (Duke)

Indeed, a few happy words from MMSC trainer, Laura Knight, calmed Duke down and made the experience a good one for him.

Moon also showed off his prowess in the ring—the jumping ring! Moon went in to the arena and hopped over the jumps with joy and enthusiasm.

Megan Moore and Promisemethemoon (Moon)

Show day was a busy and exciting day for everyone at the MMSC, from trainers to interns to bathers and grooms to horses. Everyone is exceptionally proud of how the MMSC horses from this year’s class performed. If they can do this well now, just image how well they will do in the future!