Welcome to the Family: Communal

Did you ever dream of meeting someone tall, dark, and handsome? Well, here’s your chance! Communal will be joining the MMSC crew on campus this spring. This 9-year-old bay gelding is the epitome of Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome. He was retired by his former owner, Mr. Bill March, without injury at 9-years-old. This is an impressive feat for a mature guy who raced 63 times and won over $1000. With all this, Communal has shown that he’s no slouch when it comes to the hard stuff.

Though he’s no slouch, this handsome guy is also ready to kick back and have some fun. With a whimsical star and straightforward snip, along with his beautiful bay coloring, this guy is dressed to impress, no matter the occasion. Not only dashing in his appearance, Communal has spent some time dashing between the states, having raced in Louisiana, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky; he’s a pretty well-traveled guy.

No guy is without his vice. Communal is a slight cribber, but only when his home is new and scary. Once he gets settled in, he should be fine.

To recap, this guy is tall, dark, handsome, mature, rich, and fun. His foster-Mom, Dr. Fernanda Camargo, wrote in an email to the MMSC that “the Giant (I call him Giant…he is huge) is so sweet. And polite. And docile.” With this sweet personality, a healthy body, and a good track record, this guy is bound to steal someone’s heart!