New Faces

Hello All! My name is Ashlyn Anderson-Keelin and I am one of several new interns here at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center. More specifically, I am the new communications intern. I am a senior at Georgetown College, majoring in English and Political Science. I am also an Equine Scholar, which is how I was introduced to the MMSC in the first place. Though I have been around horses for a large part of my life (I’ve been riding since I was eight), until now I’ve mainly been limited to the Dressage world. The only Thoroughbreds I had contact with were those entering the Dressage ring. You may be wondering then why I chose to intern with an organization whose mission is to retrain and adopt out ex-racehorses to new homes? Firstly, this internship provides the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions: horses and writing. The fact that I get to learn about an area of the horse world that I am completely unfamiliar with is simply the cherry on top of what promises to be a very delicious sundae. Secondly, this internship reminds me everyday of why horses have remained my passion from childhood to adulthood—there is nothing these beautiful and brilliant animals can’t do. They can acclimate to a new discipline and a new way of life a short period of time. But that is enough about me.

Mine is not the only new face at the MMSC. Cole is another newbie to the MMSC family. Unlike the rest of us (all college interns), Cole is an EBC student at Tate’s Creek High School. He informed me that EBC stands for “experience basic career education.” This program allows students to job-shadow someone in an area that interests them. Cole chose the MMSC over any other location because he likes horses. (Who wouldn’t?!) Having worked on horse farms for the past few years, Cole has decided to try his hand at another aspect of the equine industry.

This semester promises new introductions (of both people and horses), new knowledge, and new adventures. I can’t wait!