Thoughts of Churchill

Saturday, November 12, we -- the six interns -- and Melissa, the Educational Programs Director, went to Churchill Downs for a tour. I was extremely excited and it sure didn't let me down! The beautiful track that unfolded before us as we drove up was nothing like I could have imagined. Pictures and video cannot convey the grandeur that spills out from its every point and crevice. I am not someone who likes architecture and buildings, normally, but there was something about Churchill Downs that impressed me. The iconic twin spires, centered now between two modern additions that accomodate the huge crowds, are a striking and stately reminder of the most famous two minutes in sports.

As the home of the Kentucky Derby, the longest running sporting event in history, Churchill Downs is a piece of history itself. Being the allows you to step into the roll of time and become a part of all that. There are many things there that you can't see anywhere else, such as the tribute and gravesite of the magnificent Eight Belles and the winner's circle where horses like Secretariat have received their blanket of roses. Not to mention, the statue of Barbaro and a full blown glass replica of the Kentucky Derby.

The 360-degree video that plays in the Kentucky Derby Museum catches the essence of the history and splendor of the Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, and the equine industry as a whole. The video brought tears to my eyes as I realized how big the Derby is and how amazing and talented horses are, and that I was a part of it all! By interning at the MMSC, I have been given the chance to be a part of a much larger picture, to do things that I would not get to do otherwise, and to really make a difference. It truly is a blessing and when I think of how marvelous horses are, I can't imagine ever working in another field.

Thank you for reading!

-Andrea Compton