We Love GLC!

Last week, Shawn Mclere from GLC stopped by the office. GLC is generous enough to donate Actistatin Equine for all of our wonderful equine athletes. We believe that all ex-racehorses should be on some sort of joint supplement, especially Actistatin for animals who have suffered any sort of injury. We've had our horses on GLC for three months now, and have seen a real difference. It is a truly beneficial product.
Our mutual admiration with GLC stems from our shared priorities and similar mission statements. Simply put, the health and happiness of the horses is both of our first priorities. If you decide to purchase GLC products (and we certainly encourage you to) mention the discount code SEC2011. This will not only provide you with a discount, but will send a portion of the proceeds from the sale back to the Secretariat Center.
You can catch Shawn speaking at the Kentucky Horse Council on October 27. While he was in, he decided to meet Zorro, one of our horses benefitting from GLC's wonderful product!