What a crazy week it has been! According to http://www.rk3de.org/, Rolex brought in a total of 61,828 spectators across four days. Many of those people took at least one stroll through the trade fair. Located just inside the entrance of the indoor on the second floor, the MMSC had many people stop by to find out about the program and stop to look at our available horses board. Because so many people were interested in adopting, we ran carloads of people back and forth from the Center to try out horses Friday-Sunday. Deputy Alydar was adopted and left Monday. Benny and Mr. Informed are ready to go and just waiting for rides home. Aspen arrived at his new home and settled right in. We will also be receiving two new horses within the next few days who we are very excited about: Hap's Online and Cool Smoke. Keep an eye on our website for pictures of these flashy horses. Also on our website under the News section is an updated calendar. School will soon be out, so if you have time on your hands, don't forget to come volunteer at the Center and look for us at shows!

We would also like to give a big thank you to our Training Intern, Whitney Campbell, for getting a Photonic Health Red Light kit donated to us which includes the light itself along with many charts and books which explain how it works. We have seen such therapy used for many purposes in the past and work wonderfully.

This will be our interns last official week as their graduation will be held this Sunday at 1pm. Bryn will be going home to NH for the summer, but will return to UK next fall, and will certainly be back at the MMSC to volunteer. Whitney graduates from U of L next weekend and will be moving to Lexington. John will go back to Burlington, KY for the summer but return to finish his degree at UK in the fall.

I have enjoyed updating the blog and learning how to publish stories to the website. I hope you have found both to be informative and effective. Have a lovely, horse filled summer, and I will see you all next year!