Field Trip, Horse Show, and Sponsors-Oh My!

The interns took their second field trip this weekend, to KESMARC and Woodford Equine Hospital.
Some of the MMSC Team with our equine dentist, Victor Torres (holding his horse head, "The Professor"). Victor showed us around KESMARC's facilities and then demonstrated how different bits fit into "The Professor's" mouth.

I couldn't resist adding this, isn't Juliet the cutest little thing you've ever seen? KESMARC takes horses of all breeds and sizes!

Some of the MMSC Team with our tour guide at Woodford Equine Hospital, Katie!

On Sunday, communications intern Erin Clark (that's me!) and Susie Boy ("Cash") received 3rd, 4th, and 5th place ribbons at Cash's first horse show, exactly one month (to the day) after he started training for his new career as a pleasure and show horse!

MMSC Show and Demonstration Horse Fly Light wore her custom blankets to the show, donated by Katrina Coldren and The Clothes Horse that arrived, after much anticipation, last week. Thank you, Katrina, for providing Fly with a wardrobe that includes a stable blanket, turnout blanket, sheet, rainsheet, cooler, scrim, and quarter sheet. We hope to repay your generosity by displaying your logo around the KY Horse Park and at all of our future shows and demonstrations!

Another thank you to Sallee Horse Vans for transporting Fly and Cash to the show. Getting the horses off campus, exposing them to different surroundings and getting show experience, makes them more adoptable as well as increases our presence in the horse show community. People that would not consider a thoroughbred ex-racehorse as their next show horse get an opportunity to see them in the show ring, and none of this would be possible without you. In our experiences with Sallee over the past few months we have been incredibly impressed with the level of professionalism and helpfulness of your staff!

We also welcome a new sponsor, Charles Owen, who graciously responded to Adoption Coordinator Melissa DeCarlo's request for helmets for the MMSC Staff, as, riding ex-racehorses fresh from the track, we do tend to fall off every once in awhile :) They took our request one step further and are providing us with safety vests so that we can take the horses that choose to be eventers when they "grow up" out on the KY Horse Park cross-country course and to events!