Adoption Weekend!

We took a weekend off our show and demo schedule to focus on getting our horses adopted out, and we did that in a BIG way. We had deposits put down on all of our horses except Ma Jouet ("Maggie")-if you know a junior rider who would like a safe and sound, talented, "project" pony who, with a little work, will be the star of their pony club or champion in their children's hunt classes, let them know about this little girl. Her adoption fee is $2000, and remember, its tax deductible (also remember, the holiday season is right around the corner :)! Here is the most recent video we have of her.

Noproblem for Dino ("Dino") moved to Michigan to get the time and training he needs from a rider who prefers that her show partners be thoroughbred ex-racehorses! Her previous two projects are now in full retirement, leading lives of leisure at her home. I Am Said I ("Sam") was also adopted, by a lady who has taken a seven-year hiatus from horseback riding and wants a calm, gracious partner to help her get back to her old level. We wish Dino, Sam and their new owners, Kelly and Lindsey, the best of luck!

We are resuming horse showing Saturday, Melissa will be showing Fly and I will be showing Susie Boy ("Cash") at the KHJA Show at Lakeside Arena in Frankfort, KY. Come out and support us!