Turning the barn inside out!

After a weekend of 12-hour+ days prepping for and putting on Secretiques, the MMSC team took a much-needed and well-deserved weekend off (with someone coming each day to feed and check on the horses, of course :).

Even better than a successful fundraiser was the fact that we adopted out two of our horses, who will leave to lead their new lives this weekend! After spending less than one month with us, Un Amor Impossivel ("Bolivar") was adopted and we will wish him farewell Friday when he will start a new career as an eventer! Proper Authority ("Judge") was returned to us in September, and after an equally short stay, he heads to his new home Sunday, where he will be fox hunting, eventing, and trail riding! We wish the best of luck to Bolivar and Judge and their new owners Sarah and Kirsten!
In their place we welcome four new horses! No Problem For Dino ("Dino") is a 6yo 16hh grandson of Secretariat who was rescued from Sugarcreek auction, read his story here. He was ridden for the first time yesterday and needs a little work but with some retraining and weight gain he will make someone a great horse! Ma Jouet ("Maggie") is a 6yo 14.3hh mare who wants to be some lucky kid's dream horse, she loves being played with and fed peppermints! She was ridden for the first time in 3 years yesterday and was so well-behaved, doing just what was asked of her and never once bucking or rearing!


Maggie (to put her size in perspective, Melissa is 5'1" riding in a 17 1/2" saddle)

We just unloaded Susie Boy ("Cash") and Bilndots Big Peach ("Big Peach") and got them settled in! Cash is a 6yo 15.3hh gelding who is fresh off the track! We look forward to finding out what he wants to be now! Big Peach is a 3yo 16.2hh (yes, he's going to be BIG) gelding who was left alone on a farm in Florida for 6 months and was rescued by the trainer who owns his sire. When it was obvious that Big Peach didn't want to be a racehorse, his trainer was kind enough to contact us and see if we wanted to help Big Peach figure out what he wants to be-of course we said yes!

Cash checking out the surroundings as he's being unloaded from the trailer

Big Peach right after being turned out, promptly put his head down and started munching grass, not your typical 3yo TB behavior!

More pictures to come of these two when its not pouring rain!