Greetings from the newest communications intern!

Greetings from the newest equine communications intern! I am Erin Clark, a senior at the University of Kentucky! Joining the MMSC Team with me are training intern Emily Andari, a sophomore at Georgetown college, and farm management intern Jana Clark, an attendee at University of Louisville. Below are Me, Emily and Jana posing around (in Emily's case on) "Secretariat"). My first weekend here, Adoptions and Volunteer Coordinator and Educational Programs Director Melissa DeCarlo showed Fly Light ("Fly") and Take the Balance ("Henry") in their first ever horse show, the Woodford Hounds Country Fair and Horse Show! Fly won three first place ribbons and two third place ribbons and was named Grand Champion of her division (yes, at her first ever show!). Here are some photos of our Champion and her new owner, MMSC's own Melissa DeCarlo!
Melissa plans to show Fly as a MMSC horse and The Clothes Horse has graciously agreed to make Fly a full wardrobe of custom made blankets in MMSC's teal and black with a Clothes Horse logo!

Henry acted like an old pro, it seemed everyone there wanted to fawn over our big, beautiful gray and he was only too happy to oblige! Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn't get to warm him up so his first time showing was also his first time in a show arena! Poor guy was a little too excited to place but we are very proud of him for clearing all the fences, they simply weren't big enough to keep him focused! Here are some photos of our show veteran!

This past weekend, we hosted the first annual Secretiques, a collection of "elegant and elderly" objects that needed new homes, just like our horses (even though out horses definitely aren't elderly). Six of our stalls were filled with "found treasures" to be sold, Tilka of Tilka Fine Jewelry brought a collection of her jewelry, which she sold at cost + 30% that she donated to the MMSC. Mudpi, an acoustic-eclectic quartet (consisting of a guitar, mandolin, acoustic bass guitar, and harmonica) provided entertainment and Turf Catering donated the most amazing chili that we sold for $1 a bowl along with sandwhiches, baked goods, coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, and warm apple cider. Wine was free of charge. Below are a few of the many photos from this successful (and fun!) event!

As the communications intern, I plan to update this blog every week, so check back! I have also started a Twitter page for MMSC so be sure to follow us!