Another busy weekend!

It was another busy weekend here at the MMSC! Melissa and Fly showed in their first combined training event, Octoberfest, hosted by Champagne Run here at the Kentucky Horse Park and placed 11th. Fly was amazing at stadium jumping, but while she looked good during dressage, it was clear she was looking for something to jump! Former training intern Hayley Barbato placed 2nd on her 4yo filly and fomer training/farm management intern Hannah Brand showed the horse she adopted, Lucky.

In between watching Melissa and Fly show we adopted out Take the Balance ("Henry) and Impressive John R ("John"). Henry will soon start his show career while John will be ridden in lessons, on trails, and even do a little showing himself! Best of luck to Henry, John and their new owners, Mandy and Cheryl!

We hear that many of you were a part of the team that got Cash to us are interested in his progress. Cash is a fantastic riding horse, so smart (we sometimes refer to him as "Bill Gates") and so eager to please. His first time under saddle (11 days after he last raced) he was taught to walk, trot, canter, circle and halt (while the hay was being unloaded via a very scary looking machine!). 14 days after he last raced he stood quietly while a group of toddlers and children all under the age of five groomed him and blew in his nose to greet him! We are so thankful to you all for finding us such a fantastic horse, and Cash is certainly appreciative of your efforts as well. No horse deserves the fate that would have awaited him, especially a horse as smart and eager to please as he.

We are heading to yet another horse show this weekend, the Snowbird Winter Dressage Series. Melissa will be showing Fly and training intern Emily Andari will be showing John for his new owner. It will take place here at the Kentucky Horse Park in the old indoor arena. Melissa will show at 9:24, 9:48, 11:12 and 11:43am and Emily will show at 2:30pm. Come out and support them!