June 20, 2009

Hello all!!

Sorry for the big delay within posts. My name is Melissa DeCarlo and I am the new "Natalie Voss!"
This week we have had people put down deposits on FOUR horses! Alfie and Tucker are awaiting their approved adoptions and will move to their new home in Cincinnati, Roger is awaiting his approval and will be moving to a local farm, Sunny will be shipping to a local farm as well! We are waiting to hear on a ship date for Take The Balance to meet his new family in Florida. It has certainly been a busy month!! That's five horses adopted this month and the month isn't even over!
Danny and Benny have had a lot of interest as well as Proper Authority- they are just waiting on their perfect match. We did get two new horses: Twitchy Witch and Happy Bert in from Walkill, NY. They seem very pleasant. Fly Lite has also returned from her winter vacation!
We had a lovely visit with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Executive Director, Diana, a few weeks ago. Although she only stayed a night, it was great to have her here and have her input for the advisory committee meeting.

Hope this blog finds you well,
Melissa DeCarlo
MMSC Adoption and Volunteer Coordinator
Educational Programs Director