June 2, 2009

Welcome back! We are sorry our blog has gotten out of date. Natalie Voss, our educational programs, volunteer & adoption coordinator has finished up a year at the center and another year at UK. She is now off to England and when she returns she will be persuing an internship a Thoroughbred racing magazine. We are sorry to see her go, but know she will do very well any where she ends up.
In the mean time we are being busy little bees! Our spring communications intern, Brittany, has joined our staff for the summer to help ride and keep our books up to date. Also joining our "staff" are WONDERFUL new horses. We welcomed Nobucksfortuck, Supersonicsun, and Alphadomo back to the program. All of them have been well cared for and are looking for their new homes. We also brought in another one of Mrs. Abercrombie's horses named Proper Authority. "Judge" is the sweetest horse and a barn favorite! He is STUNNING and would make anyone a fantastic trail, pleasure, or possibly even show horse. Please see them at www.thoroughbredadoption.com.
Guidance up, Invincible Vince, Danzaway, and Take the Balance are all still on the property and doing very well. Take the Balance has an adoption pending, which is exciting for him! Vince has been training first level dressage and really looks wonderful- check out his new video on youtube. Danny is really coming along and is moving GREAT- he would make a wonderful child's horse. Guidance up or "Benny" is recovering well from his trailer injury and is riding real sound. It is still a little sore at the canter but he is a great little guy. He, too, is ready to go off to his next home.
We have said good bye to many horses this past month. Besides Hootie and Sweet Sweet, Core Sample has gone off to a pleasure home in Naples, Florida, Dr. Hector went to Ohio, and Take the Balance is in the works. Gentle Bandit will be returing from his foster home this week, but already has an adoptee interested!
Jerry's grass is looking really nice and the horses are loving it! One field has been set for just riding, since we have so many horses that have just been ridden in a ring, we want to keep them riding in a field to keep their brains working. But, Jerry has been hard at work mowing and keeping our horses looking BEAUTIFUL.
We are looking for teal colored polos, lunge whips, and a color copier if you are looking for something to donate.
Hope this post finds you well and you are having a wonderful summer!