Call For Support!!

All you Facebookers--we have now started a FB Cause called 'Save A Horse's Career!', designed to raise money for Core Sample's surgery. Please please join, and invite your frieneds. If everyone donates $5 or even $1 to the Cause, we could have him at Rood and Riddle by April. The link is here:

Need more info first?

Core Sample came to us a little lame in his right front ankle; when we x-rayed we found he had several chips, most of which are removable and all of which will probably cause the early onset of arthritis if not removed. At the moment he is stiff in that leg but not lame. If we could get the chips out, he would not only live a more comfortable life but would also probably find an adoptive home. Leah, one of our training interns from the fall, has been fostering him and says he is a very sweet, smart fellow who could find a great home if only he were sound. We just don't have the funds to pay for a $1000 surgery, so we really need your help. Please check out the Facebook Cause, anything you could give would be a step towards getting him sound. Thanks all!