Secretariat Center Update: December 19th

Hello to all our fans in the blogosphere!
I apologize, Sarah has brought it to my attention that it has been ages since I have updated you all of the goings-on at the Center. As usual, it has been very busy the last few weeks. We were pleased to hold our holiday open house on December 6th, and it was quite the success! The interns gave a presentation to our many guests as their final project of the internship. It's so sad to think that we won't be seeing them every week after the holidays, but we will be bringing in a new group for the spring semester soon. I am now in the process of revising the curriculum and designing a brochure about the program in preparation for spring; I'll be advertising the internship with local colleges when I return to Kentucky in January and expect to be holding interviews the first week in February. If there are any undergraduates out there interested in applying (or charitable organizations interested in funding the program), drop me an e-mail at !
Susanna and I are already making plans and timelines for our winter projects here at the MMSC and we have quite a list. We will be working to implement the marketing plan created for us by StudioMudio, which for me includes overhauling the design for this blog (if anybody knows how to custom design a BlogSpot layout, let me know!), as well as . Susanna has plans to start a book about our 90-day re-schooling program (R), as well as a promotional film about the Center (which Ashley Judd has agreed to narrate!). First on the agenda after the holidays will be fundraising and grant-writing, however.
We also have a long list of rennovations that we're working on around the Center, including electrical work to the barn, construction of run-ins, jumps, and a shavings shed, and work to the surfaces in the roundpens and arena. We would also love to cover the arena so we can continue to work horses next winter.
As for the horses, we are pleased to say that they have all found some sort of home for the winter!
  • Dawn's Creek, Herr Heinz, Fly Lite, Code Forty, J's Dream and Invincible Vince are boarding at a facility in northern Kentucky and are still available for adoption there.
  • Core Sample is being fostered by Leah, one of our equine management/training interns from fall 08
  • Gentle Bandit will be fostered by Sarah, who hopes to adopt him.
  • Golden Golden is being fostered by Luann, one of our dedicated volunteers, who plans to officially adopt him in February
  • Valentine, Sweet Immersion, PY Twenty, and Astronomical were all adopted...this brings our number to 29 horses adopted in 2008 (28 of which were adopted since May!!)
  • Melissa, another of our dedicated volunteers, is fostering He's A Hoot at Susanna's farm
  • French Lieutenant joined an EAGALA program in Arizona under a foster arrangement
  • Todd T (Roger) is staying at Blackburn's facility until we re-open to the horses in February.
We will be planning visits to look at new horses after the new year. So far the waiting list is rather short but I'm expecting it will grow over the winter.
Thanks to everyone for their continued readership...I will be keeping the updates coming over the next several weeks as we make progress in our marketing and rennovations. Have a happy holiday everyone!
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