Update: November 3rd

Hello everyone!
We are now beyond capacity here at the Center--15 Thoroughbreds + 2 pony horses--and our goal as we move into winter is to get these guys out of here! It seems however that horse-hunting works the same way as house-hunting for most people: better done in the spring and summer. All the same we are plowing ahead, slashing adoption fees along the way,with the hopes of getting everyone into a new home by the end of the month.
  • Legacy Thief has come and gone--he had sustained so much damage to his joints that he was inappropriate for anything more than a pasture horse, but he found a job as a babysitter to weanlings on a local breeding farm.
  • Herr Heinz and Py Twenty are still here; Heinz will make a good show horse--you'd think he was a 10 year old lesson pony by the way he acts, very relaxed and willing but he's actually only 3. Py has some backaches that will probably limit him to trails, but his attitude is similar to Heinz so he will be very good at that. We can tell these two have been treated well!
  • Several TRF adoptions from previous years have come back due to financial problems (the horses are also feeling the results of a sinking economy); Invincible Vince comes in with lower-level dressage training and is sound enough for light pleasure/trails. Very pretty golden boy. Walinsky is the same story, VERY good mover, lots of big floaty gaits and natural carriage; he is a big, powerfully-built gray. J's Dream has been trail ridden for the last couple of years and is sound for more of the same.
  • We also took in a couple of new horses--Sweet Immersion and He's A Hoot. Sweet Immersion has the build and attitude to be a great cross-country horse, while 'Hooter' has the smooth, floaty gaits of a dressage prospect. Both young (4) and sound.
  • Roger continues to recover well from surgery. He is being hand-walked every day now and is allowed to go out in the paddock for a few minutes each day. He continues to keep a gentle attitude and the vet says everything is healing up just the way it should.
  • Code Forty is turning into a great hunter prospect--she seems to do best with stronger (usually male) riders, and is a little nervous at first but quickly evens out and becomes a great mover.
  • Core Sample has chips in one ankle, says the vet, and we are hoping to find the money to pay for surgery this winter.
  • Everyone else (Astronomical, Dawn's Creek, Fly Lite, Gentle Bandit, Golden Golden, and Valentine) are ready to go as-is, just looking for good homes!
  • Please check out our horses at www.secretariatcenter.org . The new adoption fees are listed on their pages. Tell your friends!