Update: October 2nd

Greetings, all!
  • It has been a very busy couple of weeks since our last post. Here are a few odds and ends: Hannah's application on Lucky Bid has been officially approved and he will be going to his new home in Versailles this weekend. She's so excited! Bluff will be shipping out too, as soon as his new barn is finished.
  • We've had three new horses ship in: Marylou Whitney sent us Legacy Thief, who I'm told is absolutely beautiful. Herr Heinz also came in with a stablemate (whose name escapes me...ah the frustration of working from school, I don't have the horses' baby books next to me); one of them is a son of Affirmed, the other Lady's Secret--we are surrounded by Thoroughbred royalty.
  • We have had an e-mail from Julie, Lion's new owner to say that she is thrilled with him. They have really bonded--on his first night with her, he lay down in his stall with his head in her lap and fell asleep for an hour. I think he knows he's found his home. Pictures are coming soon.
  • Today is Media Day at the Kentucky Horse Park, and we were all at the office late putting together our fabulous media kits for the ~60 journalists who will be coming through this morning. We're also getting a visit from Purina to do some filming for a promotional video they're creating for the AAEP. Busy day!
  • This weekend will be our book fair at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Nicholasville Road. Anyone in the Lexington area, come buy your books there on October 4th and 5th--20% of the proceeds will be going to the Center. We will be there both afternoons, handing out flyers on our available horses and taking donations.
  • Anyone headed to Keeneland on Saturday will see Susanna giving a demonstration in the walking ring with one of our horses prior to the first race. Not sure who's going yet, we're still debating about which one of them could best handle hearing the call to post again.
  • In April, PBS's tv series Equitrekking filmed the Center in conjunction with an episode about Lexington, which will be airing in the coming week. It seems they've changed the original air date in Lexington...I think it may be this Saturday from 1:30 to 2 on channel 11, although I can't seem to find an episode summary anywhere to know if it's the Kentucky edition or not. You will see Susanna working with King De, Charlotte working with Tijur, and me with Raceready, all of whom have since left for new homes in New York and Tennessee.
  • We continue to get calls from people interested in volunteering. Keep them coming, we continue to need help in the barn and with grounds maintenance (aka weeding). EKU is planning to send us two large groups of students this month to paint some of our fences before it gets too cold, so an advance thanks to them.
  • The six new horses from last week are now on the website; Valentine and Dawn's Creek are ready to go, Core Sample will need a little more time and work, and Bandit and Golden Golden (Nemo) have been in the roundpen with Hannah and Leah, but aren't ready for riding yet, as they are very skinny. Todd T. had surgery to remove ankle chips last week and is recovering well. He's already put on a noticeable amount of weight (thank goodness), but will probably have 4 more weeks of stall rest and hand-walking before he'll be ready to go. It's amazing how much better he looks, even with the giant bandage on his leg.
  • Communications intern Sarah has been hard at work for new articles for the Thoroughbred Adoption Network site (www.thoroughbredadoption.com), so look for those in the next couple of weeks. Also, I'll be having her take over the blog (as soon as we're both stationary long enough for me to explain how she can access it).

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more info, and email me (ncvoss2@yahoo.com or nvoss@trfinc.org) if you want to donate, volunteer or adopt. Happy Keeneland!