October 18th, 2008

Hello to all from your new equine communications intern! This will be my first foray into the blogosphere, bear with me. It seems like every time I walk through the door here, the whole barn is turned inside out. Recently we received 3 new horses: PY Twenty, Herr Heinz, and Legacy Thief. All are adjusting very well, the barn staff especially loves PY Twenty (a son of Affirmed!). He’s described as a big teddy bear, very stocky and solidly built, with gentle eyes. He used to be a pony hose on the track, and is now looking at a career as possibly someone’s new trail buddy. His pal Herr Heinz (a son of Stravinsky) is also a big guy, but very laid back and willing to learn. The staff can’t believe he is only 3 years old because he is so gentle! Herr doesn’t have much experience under saddle, but is coming along nicely because he’s smart and a quick learner. Legacy Thief’s bad ankles may mean that he’s only suitable as a pasture pet, but you couldn’t find a friendlier horse to hang out with! Just this week we have had 4 new horses come in; Invincible Vince, Sweet Immersion, Walinsky, and He’s a Hoot. Sweet Immersion came to us from Blackburn, we are still assessing his potential, but so far we know that he’s a big boy and he is sound to ride. Vince was returned to us because his owner could no longer keep him, but he is such a great guy that he won’t be here long. He has a wonderfully sweet disposition and will be a great lower level hunter jumper. Hooter was also a return, and so far he seems like he’s always alert and ready to go. Walinsky is a big gray quarter horse type who was a great trail horse for his previous owner. We have also had 2 horses leave us to go to the Blackburn facility: Mighty Sue and Wall to Wall. So as you can see, the parade of Thoroughbreds marches on at the MMSC! The last two weekends we’ve been out at Keeneland manning our booth at the Breakfast with the Works events. Everyone should come watch, it’s early, but it is so fun to see the horses working out before their races (plus, admission is free, there is breakfast, and kids activities). Today was hugely busy entertaining visitors of all kinds, and photographing our newest additions, so look for the new horses on our website! We are busier than ever with projects of all kinds, and there are sure to be more important updates coming soon.