Barn update: September 3, 2008

Hello all!

There's so much going on out at the Center! E-mails are pouring in from potential adopters interested in our horses. Come On Bye will have two showings in the next couple of days, Gunner is leaving Saturday, Lucky Bid will (hopefully) be shipping out in the next week, and Ten Something has a couple who are totally taken with her. Also, it looks like Code Forty may have found a good home for turn-out. It still amazes me that Lion Around is still here...he's generated a lot of interest, but just when someone gets close to filling out paperwork, they leave town or are given another horse, so through no fault of his own, things just haven't worked out for him yet. That's his picture at the start of the post...isn't he beautiful?

Also, we have several intern applicants headed in for interviews this weekend, and from their resumes it looks like we'll be getting some bright students for the positions. Stay tuned!
~Natalie, Blogspot admin