Barn Update: September 20th

Hi everyone!
Here's what's been going on at the Secretariat Center since last post:

  • We have welcomed three new interns to our very first internship program. Hannah and Leah are freshmen in the University of Kentucky's equine science and management program, and are here for our barn management/combined training internship. We also have an equine communications intern--Sarah (who is sitting across from me) is a senior at Georgetown College, double-majoring in business and communications. Welcome to all!
  • Lion Around has been adopted and will be shipping out TONIGHT to his new home. Congratulations, Lion!
  • A Natural Bluff and Lucky Bid have applications out for their adoption. Lucky's application has been turned in by our intern Hannah, who made this video of him last night: .
  • We have shipped in six new horses! Look for postings on the TAN website ( of No Day But Today, Dawn's Creek, Core Sample, Golden Golden, Bandit, and Todd T. We're really excited about all of them, especially No Day, aka Valentine--he's already been jumping 2 ft. in New York and is one gorgeous boy.
  • We've had a flood of new volunteers in this's so great to have the barn full of people in addition to horses. That said, we could always use more help
  • We're participating in the Macy's Shop For A Cause Day, and will be selling discount coupons outside the Macy's at Fayette Mall from 5-7 tonight
  • Also for all you readers in the Lexington area, we're having a book fair at Joseph-Beth Booksellers: 20% of all sales on Saturday, October 4th and Sunday October 5th will be donated to the Secretariat Center, so save your book shopping for the first weekend in October.

That's all for now...stay tuned for more news!