"The Maker's Mark Secretariat Center does a phenomenal job! These people pour their heart and soul out for every single one of their horses. The foundation they give to the horses is incredible. The process is superb. The MMSC goes above and beyond to rehab and retrain each and every horse that comes into their facility. I will never, for the rest of my life, go anywhere else to get a horse for my family or myself. I honestly can’t express how much I love this horse. He is my one and only soulmate. That one horse in your lifetime that is incredible and no other horse will ever be able to replace. His character, personality, and mind are unlike any other horse I've seen. He is my partner, my teammate, my best friend, my teacher, my comedian, my therapy, and my one and only."  
-- Ashley Paneitz, adopted Peace Cry aka "Lucien"

“Adopting from MMSC was the best. Susanna has a great eye for horses so you start by having quality thoroughbreds to choose from- ones that have the potential to succeed in a new career. Plus, the care and attention to detail that these horses receive upon their arrival and in their re-training guarantees that they will have that chance to succeed. Starting with getting the horse comfortable physically and mentally and then moving to work under tack, the Center provides documentation and detailed records of each horse’s time and training so that an adopter has a history of the horse. The thoroughbred industry should be proud of the work the MMSC does as it is a real tribute to this magnificent breed. I am pleased and proud to be involved with the MMSC.”

— Margaret Nash, adopted "Belle"


“It was love with Aggie from the moment I met him—he really connected with me when I tried him at MMSC. When he got to his new home in Virginia, it was really noticed that he would watch me as I walked down the barn aisle. And what a good horse—he comes to me in his field when I call him. Aggie has a great heart and I have really enjoyed watching him blossom. The program at MMSC is excellent. From bomb proofing to spa treatments to finding the right discipline for each horse, it’s one of the best programs that I know for OTTBs. What I find exceptional is the pairing of minds. It’s not enough to have someone adopt a horse—the horse has to be in synch with that person as well. I commend Susanna on her ability to match horse and rider.”

— Brooke White, adopted For the Ages "Aggie"

"I have highly recommended MMSC to others looking for a Thoroughbred.  I think, I specifically said, 'MMSC horses ooze with quality'.  I love the desensitization activities - when Jake came I knew that he had been exposed to multiple training modalities, and experiences.  I think that MMSC/Susanna Thomas does a fantastic job of matching horses to people - this is invaluable.  Having adopted from another OTTB program in the past, I was so pleased to not only be able to ride my potential horse but to be required to ride him before the adoption was finalized.  And the "spa treatment", based on the body and veterinary work that MMSC had done, I knew what Jake would need when he came home.  Overall, I love the wholistic approach to the initial rehabilitation process that MMSC provides to the horses, and that combined with the horse/person matching makes for a 'match made in heaven'."
--Sue Moran, adopted Bawana Jake aka "Jake"

“I could not have hand picked a better horse. Wordsworth is just so nice. He has been perfect for my first horse, so willing, so calm, so trusting. Not to mention he is a handsome giant of a horse! He is called the sweetest horse in the barn where I have him boarded at. I am just so excited to see us both grow together. Being an ex-athlete I understand the process of going from one career to the next. I think it is so great that MMSC is doing this for these amazing athletes. My brother and I were amazed at the care that is given to these horses. The facility is immaculate and you can tell the people who work there genuinely love the horses and have their best interest in mind. They do a great job at working with the horses to help them be successful in their new careers with their new owners. Their process to get horses ready for their new careers is awesome to watch. The main ingredient in that process is love, and you can tell that is what makes the difference in these horses’ lives.”

— Nick Tow-Arnett, adopted Wordsworth

“The day I met Noah, there was no question in my mind Noah felt what I was feeling. It was my first encounter with any horse who acted like Noah did. I gave him a hug and he just stuck his face into my chest and didn’t move it. He didn’t care that other people he’d never seen were around him; he was solely focused on me. After that encounter I wanted Noah to be my horse more than ever. The next day was our big day to see what Noah thought of me and whether or not Susanna would consider giving me a shot. Noah and I had a connection and the rest is history! From the time Noah came home to the day he passes, I’d sell everything I own before the thought would ever creep into my head about us not being together. The MMSC is amazing in the fact that they give ex-racehorses a second chance to prove their worth. Words cannot express how grateful I am that Susanna and the MMSC gave me that chance, just like they have done for so many horses.”

— Jeff Tow-Arnett, adopted Nowhere to Hide "Noah"