Business and Communications InTERNSHIP


This position gives students an idea of what it takes to run a non-profit business, from administration, to fundraising, to event planning and more. Just as every MMSC horse gets an individualized training program, this internship can be customized, within reason, to a students specific interest, such as public relations, marketing, financial management, graphic design, photography, and other areas. Students may be asked to spearhead projects that they design, as well as participate in ongoing marketing, promotional, and fundraising activities, and will become fully immersed in the day-to-day running of the business. Interns in this program may get the opportunity to work with the horses to garner a better understanding of the horses they are promoting and the mission of the MMSC. This internship stresses independent critical thinking, personal initiative, and communication skills both written and oral. It is an excellent opportunity for those seeking experience in either the non-profit or for profit sectors. 

If you are interested in this internship, please submit an application, your resume, a letter of recommendation and a writing sample, as specified on page two of the application. Once these steps are complete, send your application to us via email at, or fax it to 859.246.3082, or mail it to us. 

Interning with the MMSC has been an experience that not only showed me the intricacies of horse care, training, and the Thoroughbred breed, but also the redemptive beliefs of those who adopt them. it was an unforgettable semester, and I highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of barn management, training, non-profit operations, or events and marketing.
— Stella Silverman, Spring 2016 Intern