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This internship exposes students to everything that goes into transitioning a former racehorse to a new career, from assessing its conformation and temperament, to addressing its needs, to giving it a solid foundation from which it can successfully proceed to a new equestrian discipline. Interns will be instructed in the use of the Horse Centered Reschooling Program®, a holistic and interdisciplinary system developed by Executive Director, Susanna Thomas. MMSC staff, along with interns, will develop and effect an individualized care and training regimen for each horse. Interns will also get an overview of everything it takes to run a horse farm, including barn management, pasture upkeep, cost pricing, equipment maintenance and more. This is a demanding, hands-on internship that is sure to give students valuable experience on how to handle retired racehorses and how to run an equestrian business. Best of all, at the end of every day, interns can leave with the rewarding knowledge that they have worked to improve the life of each Thoroughbred that steps on the MMSC campus!

If you're interested in this internship, please submit an application, along with your resume and the letters of recommendation specified on page two of the application. You can send your application to us via email at, or fax it to 859.246.3082, or mail it to us. 

I 100% recommend the MMSC to anyone looking for an internship. I learned so much about the comprehensive reschooling process. The staff is friendly, approachable, helpful, and wonderful teachers. I would rather spend my summer here at the MMSC than anywhere else.
— Lilly Clark, Summer 2016 Intern